Monday, May 29, 2006

No bugs

We didn't buy enough popcorn to last us through Fanaa (which we very much enjoyed), so we were famished afterwards. At that hour of the day on a holiday weekend when many had left town, business was slow enough so that the waiter was chatty. At some time in his more youthful past, he said, he had been a night watchman at the Niagara Falls Shredded Wheat plant. It had no night shifts. Triscuits were being made there as well. At any rate, he had been shown large graphics of various kinds of insect pests and instructed that, if he saw even one example, he was to report the species and the exact location where he observed it. He never saw any life forms at all. Everything was spotless behind belief. I wonder where my Straight Arrow cards went. I liked Quaker Muffets (round) just as well as Shredded Wheat but Muffets didn't have those cards. I like this history of Shredded Wheat


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