Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Memory loss

There was a time when all 254 counties of Texas were in my head, complete with county seats, and a general notion of their location, although without my being able to say in every case which counties bordered any given one. For any good-sized town or city and for lots of smaller ones, I could name the county. But the information isn't so complete or accurate these days. I knew in which part of the state Denison is located, near Oklahoma and east of Dallas, and thought that the county begins with "Gray" but wasn't coming up with Grayson until I looked in my 99-cent atlas. I love the Handbook of Texas, which usually has some information on every little railroad division point or quarry or sawmill camp that ever appeared on any map at any time. I'm bookmarking this page of Texas outline-map links. I love it that Travis County is heart-shaped so that it's easy to find on any outline map no matter how small the scale.


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