Friday, May 26, 2006

In it for the seekh kebab

That's why I prefer to hit the Taj Palace buffet line on a weekend. Seekh kebab is not to be found on the weekday buffet table. This past weekend, there was lamb on the menu, but not my favorite. Instead, there was a very rich lamb stew. There was a large private party in progress, and outsiders were being seated only at a few non-party tables. I suppose that the host of the party selected the dishes at the buffet. Instead of the standard dal dish, there was dal makhni, with small black lentils or pulses of some kind, one of my greatest favorites. I was the only one at the table familiar with it, since it's among the Deep frozen food offerings. The Taj's version, of course, was a dimension beyond. There were also samosas. The hot naan was in copious supply, constantly replenished. The guest of honor may have just graduated or had some degree conferred. Some of the guests were dressed very sumptuously.


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