Thursday, May 25, 2006

Never to be repeated

I tried a fast-food hamburger from a chain just once. I couldn't finish it. As it happens, it was from McDonald's. It tasted as though it had cereal and offal in it. "They" say that's not the case, that it's never been true. I'm just describing how it tasted to me. It tasted sweet and had a bad texture. And the sample was naked, without the roll and without anything along ketchup lines on it. I don't personally know anyone who has tasted one under those conditions. If you're going to enjoy your carnivore aspects, don't waste time on what isn't worth eating. Don't smother what is worth eating in extraneous flavor-hiding substances. That's my advice. After trying McDonald French fries, I did eat them again. And again. Until the use of beef tallow as a frying medium was discontinued. Now I don't bother with them. While they were decent, on cross-country road trips I subsisted on French fries, and on biscuits, and, when in the proper parts of the country, catfish.


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