Thursday, June 29, 2006

Speedway vanished

The Blanton has closed off Speedway in front of the Education building and farther along. The Education building is a very handsome one and was designed to be seen from a certain distance and with that lawn in front of it. The lawn was a favorite place of resort for lots of people. It's very peculiar that the Blanton main building is so bland. I wonder what professionals think of its usefulness as a gallery space. That lounge space on the second floor is very pleasant, and I truly do love the Battle plaster casts, which are displayed to very good advantage. As a kid I was most familiar with the greater part of the subjects from steel engravings, not even from black-and-white photographs let alone colored ones. Because casts of the entire Parthenon processional reliefs ran along as a frieze on all four walls of a school I attended, I recognized some of the casts right away. Plaster's not at all like marble or cast bronze, but the scale and detail are very interesting.


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