Monday, July 17, 2006


This heat is finishing off the last of the bachelor buttons (cornflowers; centaurea). I'd never have expected them to last so long, but they're within the shadow of the remaining pecan tree. Plumbago is producing some blue flowers, but the plant was a quarter loser and we planted it at the oak motte, so it has never been profuse in its blooms. Blues-related is that I can't find my Albert Collins and Albert King albums, of which I have many. I particularly want to play Frosty and Born Under a Bad Sign. I know that I didn't sell these, so they'll reappear in their own good time. I want to hear Cross Cut Saw, Laudromat Blues, Personal Manager, and Pretty Woman again. Why did cousin B.B. get all the attention? Albert played guitar just as well and had that ethereally and surpassingly beautiful floaty voice. I still love the Stax album cover. "They" sell frames these days meant to accommodate LP albums.


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