Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I knew that this was going to be a big deal. I like the name of the website: "" It sounds so innocuous. I'd already been inside one of these laptops for connection with earlier battery recalls. It's the worst one for reseating the battery. Now, using my trusty computer toolkit from at least a decade ago, I've checked out other batteries, each one seemingly a different model. It would be so much easier if in the future Dell just kept and referred to a database of components linked to the so-called "service tag" associated with each unit that it sells. This would at least take care of equipment retaining its original everything. I may be the only person of my outside-work acquaintance who's not afraid to rummage around inside these things. I remember replacing a clock battery for my trusty CompuAdd (an Austin brand now probably forgotten). In the future, though, I'm going to let people open their own laptop (excuse me; "notebook") cases. As always, the local daily didn't contain as much useful information on this subject of local interest as the NYT and WSJ and several on-line services did.


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