Saturday, September 09, 2006

Desmesne denizens

We've seen two anoles, two hummingbirds at once, more and more oxblood lilies, quite a few clouded sulphur and gulf fritillary butterflies, and resurgent lantana, Turk's cap, milkweed, wild sunflowers, orange cosmos, plumbago, cucumbers, and chile blossoms. The tithonia is coming to the end but will stay up or just be bent down so that the creatures may benefit from the seeds. We haven't seen a zebra longwing all summer long. Despite the more moderate temperatures, the birds still enjoy bathing in and drinking from the three sizes of plant coasters on the catio. All of a sudden the hyacinth beans are blooming a lot and the morning glories are producing a few flowers. Torenia in pots needs to be snipped back but not before these new blooms induced by the little break in the weather are done.


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