Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nobody here but us chickens

Plenty must have skipped. The obnoxo quotient has definitely dropped. It's great to have some relief. And on this day, at least, there's been not even one dump truck, Bobcat, lumber delivery, privy tanker, or the like, just the overflight of that pair of idiot helicopters. I am properly thankful. And at last we identified the mystery song that plays now all the time on one station or another, heard from every open window. It's the theme from Mundo de Fieras, which we're not checking in on until Fea mas bella concludes. Now this song, with that great hook, joins Mas alla del sol on the mental jukebox, along with "take good care of your tum-tum" from Button Up Your Overcoat. Anyhow, small-scale Austin is still great.


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