Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Swans and silk

All About Home Baking recommended certain products. One of them, Swans Down flour, is a brand now owned by Reily Foods, also known as Luzianne Products, of Louisiana. I was interested to see that Reily (or Luzianne) now owns La Martinique salad dressings and also the Wick Fowler chli that used to be packaged right here in Austin down by La Zona Rosa. La Martinique makes what I still think is the only tolerable bottled vinaigrette, really very good. This outfit is also where Bean Cuisine has wound up. The Softasilk cake flour once owned by General Mills and recommended for many recipies in the Betty Crocker cookbook is now sold under the Pillsbury name. Does General Foods still exist? Who owns Baker's chocolate (now 225 years old)? Kraft Foods. And Calumet baking powder? Also Kraft.


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