Saturday, December 23, 2006


Yes, folks; that's the Ajax foaming cleanser song. We've been watching episodes of the Colgate Comedy Hour starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I had never seen this show, although certainly I remember the introduction of Gardol. Jerry Lewis is just as annoying as I recalled him to be, but he's also very funny, especially when, in the throes of desperate ad-libbing, he forgets to employ that horrible voice . This is live television, including live commercials, mostly from 1951. Jerry Lewis never looked that young again, and Dean Martin never looked any older. Bob Fosse appears as a dancer, not the choreographer that he became. I love the painted backdrops and the full orchestra accompaniment for everything, including the commercials. I remember the Treniers. Halo never glorified any hair in our house; we all thought it smelled bad. We were Conti's Castile. I love it that there's an American Package Museum. All those fools who'd like to turn back the clock to the 1950s should take a good, long look at evidence like this and they'd be bound to repent of their foolish notions, even if they're rich Caucasian men.


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