Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Catching up: the food and drink business

This is a great time of year for hearing surprising news from those in touch annually only. For instance, to run a joint in a college town not Austin, it takes five security people, two at the doors at all times and three roving indoors. Dancing nights are three a week, to music furnished by a DJ. To satisfy the patrons' sports-viewing needs takes 23 televisions. Karaoke once a week remains a popular attraction. Buffalo wings are the most frequent food order. The most popular drink at the moment contains Jagermeister and Red Bull. Other beverage items in current demand are the Redheaded Slut and the Irish Car Bomb. These consumers are the leaders of tomorrow. Thank goodness they're the future leaders of Elsewhere. Ugh! Peach schnapps! Who'd want to be within a mile of something that smells like, and must also taste something like, cheap soap? I'm waiting to hear the annual installment (frome someone else) of the sauna-building saga.


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