Sunday, December 03, 2006

Manufacturing mystery

Above an article about competitive oyster-shucking was a photograph of a hand holding an oyster knife and wearing a butcher's mail safety glove. On the cuff of the glove, only some of the letters encircling the wrist could be read. They appeared to be "Whiting + Davis." Could this be the same Whiting & Davis that has been famous for so long for manufacturing mesh evening bags? I imagine that they're both "Whiting and Davis," but may have split as entities. They're probably both related to the old Whiting and Davis or Whiting manufacturers of sterling silver tableware that was at some point enfolded into the Gorham companies. Nothing found on line makes it clear. The safety outfit seems to be located in Attleboro Falls, while the evening-purse business is in Plainfield, where the tableware business once was located.


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