Saturday, December 02, 2006

Not taken into consideration

Why don't those who think up Web domain names ever test to find out whether the result is easy and rapid for keyboard input? I always think about it when I'm dreaming up a new name. There's something slow and very annoying about "gmail." I think it's the pass from "g" to "m," but I'm not sure. Long ago, I used a book and a pre-WWII typewriter to teach myself touch-typing. I skipped teaching myself the numbers part of the keyboard, I must confess. Later, I took a short formal course in typing that slowed me down considerably. That course was so short that I never learned the numbers there, either. I'm bad at hitting "6" and the caret sign without looking. Non-desktop computers tend to let the top rank wander a little to this side or that, which doesn't help things; nor does fooling around with tab, capslock, and alt and control. I once taught myself to use the 9-key number pad without looking, but there's nothing of that left. I always notice when I see people who are good at this. They are rare and becoming rarer.


At 11:30 AM, December 12, 2006, Anonymous Nicole said...

So it's not strange that I am jealous of people who can use the number keypad without looking? I always think I need to teach myself but just never get around to it. I slacked off in my highschool typing class when it came to the numbers and I've always regretted it!


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