Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Melon harvest

Finally, we beat the creatures to a melon. This is one of the two remaining cantaloupes grown from the seed of melons bought at the South Austin farmers' market in the El Gallo parking lot. They only got as large as they did because they were growing up the hardware-cloth fence and were too high for those who don't fly or climb. There's one melon left after this one. Although it was small and hadn't quite turned completely brown, it smelled good and tasted good. The green under the skin was very bright, and the color of the flesh was beautiful. We'd never saved these seeds before, but in the future we always will. Right now, we have a beautiful crop of young pumpkin vines, from our Grace Methodist pumpkins. Some are on their first and second sets of real leaves. The first time it hovers around freezing, though, they're likely to go, as are the milkweeds.


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