Sunday, December 24, 2006

Heavenly peace

I love the Sam Hurt cartoon in the current Chron, in which there's longing for that magical day, fast approaching, when there's no more canned Chrismas music to be heard for another year. Our most-frequented H-E-B dispenses whiney whitebread music all the year round and it's no better during the Advent season. We heard very decent stuff at the Sun Harvest. Otherwise, we've been pretty free. Paul Ray played a great assortment last night (including the immortal 'Zat you, Santa Claus?") and KAZI has been playing wonderful music from all eras and in all styles. It's nice that the KMFA people have a break, but the syndicated music might as well be Muzak. I'd prefer cantatas and masses of the season. KOOP has had its moments. KUT has had some good jazz along the way, but there's so much syndicated dreck on that station these days that there's hardly any local choice. Banda on La Ley has been fine. When there's nothing bearable on the radio, it's time to bring out the old Nonesuch LPs with appropriate choral and instrumental works from all eras. And silence is great, too! Only the pealing bells and chimes from across the river are to be heard at some times of the day. What blessed relief from the sounds the air usually carries.


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