Monday, January 08, 2007

In view

Hyacinth leaves are now appearing everywhere. We still have some paperwhite flowers. Pea blossoms are a pretty sight. After all the recent rains, loquats are springing up, from pits from at least a season ago. All cucurbit volunteers have succumbed to the chills, but they were young and tender. Things like lantana have purple tinges in their leaves, from changes in their sugars made by cool weather, but nothing has been truly frozen yet. I think we've put out blankets, towels, and old sheets just once, or maybe twice. I never did take slips from geraniums this year, but the old ones are bright with flowers right now anyway. Fennel and chiles have been blossoming. Nasturtium seedlings are all over the place. They'll go if it gets too cold. Potato leaves are handsome everywhere. California poppies have really liked all this; maybe it will be a good year for flowers.


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