Monday, February 12, 2007


I don't know what the song is; I heard just this bit, by Charley Pride: "If heaven were to hear my heart's confession, loving you would be my only sin." This isn't one I ever heard before, or at least not that I remember. So many Charley Pride records were "borrowed" and never came back, so long ago, that it's possible that it was on an album less often played than, say, Charley Pride in Person, recorded at Panther Hall in Forth Worth. I love all versions of Six Days on the Road, including one recorded by Taj Mahal, but the one on this album may be the favorite. There are still occasions where the proper remark is, "It's good to be back here at Panther Hall. I'm like a buckin' horse right out of the stall." The song first quoted turns out to be "(I'm So) Afraid of Losing You Again"), credited to Dallas Frazier - Arthur Leo Owens. Sometimes I think that the main reason we listen to KVET on Saturday mornings if we think of it is the hope of hearing CP sing Crystal Chandeliers or any one of a number of others by him. Waylon Jennings singing Wurlitzer Prize or Lookin' for a Feeling is up there as well. Radio makes them real.


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