Sunday, February 04, 2007


This is a rundown on recent most popular pages or search terms bringing people here: boys in dresses, boys still in dresses, nineteenth-century family, Pine Brothers cough drops, Throat Discs, bullfrog on the bank, Breton chocolate pound cake, blues mandolin, Eddie Cantor and You'd be Surprised, Aunt Charlotte Bible stories, the Studebakers, keemo kimo, Bruce's pies, and the Pershing expedition. Every week the most popular searches are different. "At your earliest convenience" is usually up there. I think people studying business English as a second language are looking for that. And it seems that there are plenty of people who'd love to find a reissue of the King Cole Trio with Nat Cole singing Keemo Kimo. I'd buy one if I could find it. It's right up there in early songs with "Brush your teeth, brush your teeth, every single day" and "Ice skating is nice skating but here's some advice about ice skating; never go where the ice is thin, 'cause if you do you will fall right in." The first verse and perhaps even the title of the first song quoted was Take a Bath, and the first verse probably "Take a bath, take a bath, every single day; keep your body healthy, at home, at school, at play."


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