Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The next level in tissue

The brand of mouchoir that begins with the letter "k" and ends with an "x" has been experimenting with handsome packages of metallic foil paper. The first ones we bought had five-pointed stars with a nearly three-dimensional appearance. We bought every color and, although we did use the contents, we kept the boxes. Following the stars were cubical boxes, again with metallic foil, that used squares in the all-over design. Then came the stupendous oval cartons for the holiday season, again with foil, and this time with excellent three-dimensional effects of post-WWII metallic ball tree ornaments. We bought every color and those taken to work were much admired. We also bought every design in the oval-box series that was non-metallic, because the large-scale neo-tropical or sort-of-Hawaiian patterns were so handsome and also because I love chartreuse and purple. Now, it's design your own! Select background, select photo (use yours), select sentiment. I'm tempted. Thank you, Kleenex Kimberly-Clark people! Now, when I'm waiting or otherwise stuck and bored, I can add another mental project to the list of things to think about (domain names, silly titles for business cards, custom postage-stamp designs, and now custom Kleenex-box designs). There's even a site at which people show off their creations, searchable by tags.


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