Saturday, April 14, 2007

Return of roses

It has been so many years since we've seen a rose in bloom that it'll take research to learn what this one is. For years, pests have denuded the rosebushes of leaves early in the season and we've seen no flowers at all. Our most reliable bloomer, a single, orange-red mystery that never failed and that we named Safety Vest or DayGlo because it its lurid hue, was whacked off by a large and at-large dog. But this year we have our beautiful mystery, covered with flowers and with many, many buds yet to open. The leaves are small and tinged with red when they're new. The plant is taller than I am. The flowers are a dark, dark blue-red, not single, but with perhaps just a double row of petals. The stamen and all the the center are a strong golden color. How could flowers as large as these emerge from buds so small as those? The scent is heavenly, just exactly how a rose should smell, not oppressively heavy, but still good and strong, and both sweet and spicy and completely like a rose. It's reappearance alone makes this a wonderful spring, as though it hasn't been one all along so far. We found more sweet peas. We've seen our first blue dayflowers (small tredescantia). We even found one mystery jonquil or narcissus today, a straggler for sure, with a creamy perianth and a lemon-yellow doubled and broken trumpet (doubles are not favorites, but it was a treat to find this one). We've seen potato blossoms and chile blossoms. Bush beans are germinating. The air is fresh and this is a wonderful day to be working outdoors. Clematis petals went with the wind, but ranunculus and anemone petals did not. We found St. Joseph's lilies open, another surprise, and they withstood the winds, too. We have old holiday amaryllises in pots that show buds, so we look forward to them, too. Some lantana hasn't yet leafed out; some is covered with flowers. The last of the loquats are on the ground. I did some weeding of loquat and mimosa seedlings today while I was picking up, but not nearly enough as is (and will be) required.


At 7:29 PM, April 14, 2007, Anonymous M Sinclair Stevens said...

Tomorrow is Blogger's Bloom Day over at May Dreams Gardens. I hope you put up your entire list of what's blooming. You grow a lot of things I don't.

My St. Joseph's lilies started blooming a couple of days ago...almost a month late but they froze to the ground in that last hard freeze at the end of February.

My tradescantia has already gone to seed but my false dayflowers are in full bloom.

My roses have done very well this year because the spring cankerworms just didn't show up. They usually start munching on the roses when the cedar elms leaf out. Not this year though. Larvalbug told me that this is a bad year for caterpillars of any sort. But Julie at The Human Project, who gardens in Travis Heights, said she had a bad time with the cankerworms this year.

At 10:03 AM, April 27, 2007, Blogger Rantor said...

It's April 27 and we still are enjoying those roses, more and more blossoms all the time. There may be three tiers of petals and not just two on some of them. I always forget to list everything that's blooming.


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