Thursday, April 05, 2007

Extra day

It's so hard to know how to spend it. Getting around to places that aren't open on the weekend? Seeing an extra movie? Doing something that's a favorite? Trying something new? Of course it would be nicest just to sit in the yard and watch the world go by, but that would require ear-protectors and a strong rein on the temper. Why don't these people stay in the suburbs that they so love instead of buying perfectly nice old houses and wreaking havoc on them to make them more closely conform to suburban ideals? And what's with the high-intensity lighting? Does everybody really want his or her property to resemble a prison yard? Or are they terrified of the big bad city? Pools of light just make the shadows darker, but not as dark as my mood these days. Maybe it's time to think about lighting out for the territory.


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