Monday, April 16, 2007

Was this a stage play?

Lazing about, just by chance we checked out channel 31 (Univision) and found Escuela de vagabundos, an extremely entertaining comedy of manners with plenty of physical comedy as well, in the long and complicated scene set in the kitchen when people think they're seeing an apparition. From the very stylish costumes, I guessed the year to be 1952 or 1953; it turns out to be 1954. We needed to laugh, and we did. It turns out that yesterday marked the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Pedro Infante. We couldn't stick around for the second movie, Cartas Marcadas, one of the ranchera romantic comedies, with Marga Lopez and also with El Chicote as the comic sidekick. Many of the Infante movies have been reissued and we're thinking of getting some. The comedies are fun to see again. In trying to find more about El Chicote, I found this entertaining site by a musical group that has taken that name.


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