Monday, May 21, 2007

It had pictures

American Heritage magazine is ending its run. We didn't have all that much in the house that was illustrated (steel engravings in Aunt Charlotte's Bible stories and in Aesop's Fables and, for some reason, a Salome with Aubrey Beardsley's illustrations were some of the few), but those issues had wonderful picture researchers. Every article was accompanied by wonderful things to see. We read American Heritage from the beginning. It was always acquired at the bookstore; we never had a subscription. It was always a suitable present for REH. The contents of what may be the last issue are on line. The on-line archives appear to be text only (here are some I looked up: Chang and Eng, Angelus Temple, Cardiff Giant) and the illustrations are what often remain memorable. I recently read a review of two books about Aimee Semple McPherson, and I could immediately visualize the appearance of the Angelus Temple, and I think it was because of a photograph seen in AH long ago. AH had hard covers, with a color print glued on the front.


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