Monday, May 14, 2007

New gutter tool

Because I went up on the roof by myself, I didn't try to use the plumber's auger, which works better with two people taking turns, because it's so heavy and tiring to use. The cook's tongs didn't pick enough out of the bend in the elbow of the downspout. Then I was inspired. I tried something labeled "hair catching & sink overflow cleaning brush." It's thin and flexible and has been useful around the house in a number of ways. Three attempts and the horrible clog was dislodged and all the mosquito-breeding water was gone. This is a product that bears a made in U.S.A. label. It's manufactured in Plattsburgh, New York, by Brushtech. All Brushtech products appear to be similar and merely cut in different lengths, paired with various handles, and labeled for a variety of purposes. I'd like to have one of those that's 31 inches long and has a spiral wire at the end so that in action it can work even more like an auger. This handy brush came from Home Trends, a long-time favorite.


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