Saturday, May 05, 2007

Little out there

We were talking about the long-ago indebtedness of DGM and RLK to the Longines Symphonette Society, which reminded us of Reader's Digest records and Book-of-the-Month-Club records. These were all on vinyl, of course, and were subscription items as we recall, perhaps with a negative option. These labels licensed obscure performances, just as Vox probably did with performances of baroque music by provincial orchestras. I see that the indefatigable collector and track-lister Wirz has discovered that Dave Van Ronk (whom I heard perform so many times in person and several of whose albums are still around here) has a track or tracks on a five-LP Longines compilation called "The 50 Greatest Folk Singers: Legendary Folk Songs." Was this licensed from Vanguard? I learn for the first time that Carolyn Hester was Richard Farina's first wife. I once was given her first Columbia album as a present.


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