Friday, April 27, 2007

Smart equals rich?

Not. This study, yet to be published in full, has made for good idle conversation these past few days. There'd been nothing to make clear who the study subjects were and what measures of "intelligence" were used. K. and I both speculated that military tests were involved. In this, we turn out to be correct. K. thought the tests would be the ones administered before the Viet Nam exemption lottery was introduced, when test results played a role in extending student deferments; I thought it would be the test that is described in this summary. Perhaps, in fact, they are the same test, the AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test). The author of this study is with Ohio State, one Jay Zagorsky. Here's another abstract of the method and conclusions. Here's information about free study to prepare for the AFQT. Some sections have been added and some dropped since the days of 'Nam and before. This and the old National Merit Scholarship (before the PSAT came into use for that purpose) do not at all resemble the SAT in any of its versions.


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