Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Novel packing cushion

I ordered for the first time from an outfit called Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply (, because shade cloth was needed and this place offers degrees of shading. Other stuff was ordered as well. In the bottom of the carton as padding were three sheets of scored corrugated cardboard, once parts of cartons. The cardboard had been scored (really slit all the way through) in rows and in staggered cuts (rather akin to the raking, not perforated, style of mechanical meat tenderizing). When pulled from the top and the bottom, these cuts open up into a diamond lattice or fishnet pattern, for a distorted honeycomb effect. I'm sorry I didn't scan one of these pieces; they're now outside hanging from a T-bar clothes-pole, employed as a combination shade and trellis device. I'm betting they'll last the season but, if not, by then the vines should be self-supporting. I like it that this business offers a free premium according to the size of the order: your choice of the available seeds. The catalogue from these people has over 160 newsprint pages. Bamboo stakes are offered, in varying heights and circumferences. This one's going to be fun to read. So far I've found nothing about the scoring device for recycling cardboard in this manner; there must be better search terms than those I've been employing.


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