Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Clad in the armor of righteousness

Superheroes all have their costumes. I feel invincible when I'm wearing a bib apron. My grandmother made aprons for everyone in the household at least once a year. Occasionally, they were cobbler-style aprons, but mostly they were the bib style. The last of those of mine has worn out, I think, although there may be one last apron tucked away somewhere. No matter for whom they were intended, all had pockets of one sort or another. We wore them to work in the kitchen and on week-nights we wore them at the supper table. My favorite current apron has criss-cross straps and came from the Vermont Country Store many years ago. K. wears a cobbler apron from that source and of that vintage. Neither style is carried these days. I'm not one for shopping when I travel but it is my firm intention, when we're next in Mexico, to buy aprons from the market there. I like this site: "Tie One On: about all things aprony." I also like it that the Spanish word for apron is "delantal" (cognate to frontal).


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