Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pecan pervasiveness

Nowhere do I find a description of the scent of pecan blossoms. They're mostly green now, but the very first few pollinated ones, now turned brown, are beginning to drop to the ground. I think that in part the scent resembles that of sassafras, but it's very complex. I learned that April is National Pecan Month. There's quite a bit written about the scent of sassafras, which is said to resemble that of root beer. All parts of sassafras are said to be aromatic; I've always that that's true of the pecan, or at least of the blossoms, the new leaves, and newer twigs and branches. Even the fallen leaves perfume the yard. In addition to the olfactory resemblance to sassafras, I think there's at least a bit of ginger root scent as well, plus something medicinal along the lines of disinfectant or even turpentine.


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