Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just in time for ice-cube season

Thanks to Nick Greene (Union Jack Plumbing, 288-0749), household life is much more convenient. Where water welled up over the top of the faucet installation in the kitchen sink to the point where we just couldn't use it, we now have beautiful free-flowing non-leaking cold water (the equivalent in hot wanter would take a new hot-water line run under the house), and the new installation has a so-called "hich arc" pot filler beneath which I'll be able to fit my watering can without trouble. And upstairs there's hand-washing water again. the situation there with hot water is the same (not much), but the restoration of cold water is wonderful. The handles are three pointed, like stars, with one point longer than the other. They appear to be from the late 'Fifties or perhaps from the first half of the 'Sixties. He was relieved to see that they are by Kohler and I heard the word "Valvolet." We hadn't had time to attend to these matters and had relied a lot on using water from the bathtub faucets. So long as there's running water at all anywhere, I feel as though I'm living in luxury, but it is a great saver of time and the wood floors to have the use of the faucets in these two places once again.


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