Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sylvan surfer

They appear to be made of plastic (or "resin"), the Silver Surfer and his surfboard, lifesize or larger, now ornamenting various movie theaters around town. There must be an issue of instability, because the three different ones we've seen have all been roped off, complete with "do not touch" signs. Having passed up the Statues of Liberty that used to be for sale around town, now lamentably gone from the marketplace, we have no statuary for our glade and gardens. We both had the idea at the same time. The Surfer does appear to be weatherproof, but no doubt every one ha already been claimed. I hope that these promotional items continue in existence as the very decorative items that they are and that they aren't uncermoniously sent to the landfill. Here's a full-frontal image from Flickr. Indoors the Surfer appears silver, not golden, and is more impressive from a three-quarter angle. By plugging in "silver surfer" and "silversurfer" I found other images, but not any that convey the sleek sort-of dynamism or the scale. This promotional item, however, does inspire admiration and affection, and I bet somebody's selling one on eBay.


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