Wednesday, July 25, 2007

But these are essential

In a list of fifteen kitchen items that are claimed to be seldom used and therefore candidates for disposal are these: pizza wheel, grapefruit spoons, and waffle iron. I couldn't do without any of these. The pizza wheel, apart from being a quick way to make wedges in a pizza, is great for dividing cookie and other dough. Grapefruit just doesn't taste the same and isn't as pleasant to eat when any utensil other than a pointed grapefruit spoon is employed. And we make waffles frequently in order to use up milk that's just a bit gone by. For some reason, waffles are a much greater treat than pancakes are. Our waffle iron is not an electric one. It just sits atop the stove burner. It's decades old and was much cheaper than what's in the link, although it's the same except for having a small thermometer next to the handle. The other items on the trash-it list are things never seen in this household: fondue pot, turkey roaster, breadmaker, garlic peeler and press, crepe-maker, ice-cream machine, vegetable juicer, lobster cracker, egg slicer, apple-corer, and bagel-slicer.


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