Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy headgear

We've been having lots of fun with our five-dollar Eddy Bros. hats picked up at the Toggery during its last days in business, some straw and some felt, all western. At that price, it doesn't seem as though they require a great deal of care. These are from old stock and extremely cheap for the quality (and the linings, feathers, and bands. The Eddy Bros. brand is now, along with Kangol and others, owned by Bollman Hat, now an employee-owned enterprise. I like this picture, taken on National Hat Day. I see that on eBay people are selling the old miniature Dobbs hats and hatboxes that were the sign that a person had received a hat gift certificate. Here's another image. I think that there was a time when the tiny hats were stiff red velveteen in honor of the holiday season, but I couldn't swear to this.


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