Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Except for one song

On the turntable has been Ramex LP-1063, Los Pecadores. I bought this at Woolworth's or one of the two music stores that used to be on Congress Avenue. The only bad track on the album is a Spanish-language version of that odious song Patches. It's not badly done; it's just that it's Patches. On the track list, it's rendered as "Parches" and is marked "D.A.R.," which I think signifies that it's in the public domain, although that couldn't be true. "Can. Ran." is used for "cancion ranchera." Ramex evidently still exists in Houston, at least as a music store, but I find no Web site. Nothing is listed about Los Pecadores (The Sinners) but this group must have been a popular live act. The singer is excellent. Prominent among the instruments is an organ (think of some of Manuel "Cowboy" Donley's groups--as I recall--or of Augie Meyers). Perhaps I possess the sole surviving copy of this record, which is heavy on lively cumbias.


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