Sunday, October 28, 2007

You must decide for yourself

Those scented magazine inserts promoting new perfumes never offer guidance these days, perhaps to avoid putting off those who believe they could never like the scent of, say, roses. There's no more descrptive language evoking the scent, no more listing of the ingredients. One must decide for oneself whether it's fruity, floral, woodsy, mossy, completely artificial, or whatever. Nevertheless, I know the aura of baby powder or fake-o vanilla when I smell it. And I still don't like it. Would I know ylang-ylang were I to smell it? The name is great, but, whatever it may be and however often it may be employed these days as an element in smellums, the ad will never say. Jergens does let everyone know that it still manufactures products carrying the nostalgic and always pleasant cherry-almond scent to be forever associated with after-dinner dish-washing.


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