Monday, November 19, 2007

Little blue book not

Blue, that is. At-A-Glance, once owned by Eaton, the paper company, is now part of a consolidated calendar and appointment book outfit that sells many well-known brands. I have always loved the smallest pocket version, good for quick calendar reference and small lists or for noting quick appointments. What changed first was that the number of cover colors was cut; then there came to be covers in black only. The pages have always been of blue paper, originally very crisp Eaton paper; later, the pages were still of blue paper, although not of that fine quality. This year, the pages, as displayed in the on-line image, appeared to be white. And they are. And the quality of the paper is abysmal; it's not even opaque. Nevertheless, I suppose that we'll keep buying them so long as they're available, because they do open flat and the size and format are extremely useful. What's left of the Eaton's Paper business is now part of Southworth, which still sells laid paper, although only as part of its resume or business stationery line and therefore only in larger sizes, not as social stationery. And there are many of us who still miss Eaton's Calais Ripple, as well.


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