Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not hitherto mentioned

It's wonderful to see bachelor buttons here. They're mostly blue ones, which is a good thing, since I don't really care for pink ones, maroon ones, or white ones all that much. I first tried them following the inspiration of a long line of them along each side of the winding sidewalk leading up to the side door of the General Land Office one year. That was back when the State still had a little greenhouse over by the State Cemetery and the ParKings put in private gardens in odd parts of the Capitol grounds. Austin municipal employees used to fill every little traffic island and right of way with all sorts of flowers and other ornamental plantings, too, back when we weren't such a trendy place and city services actually existed. I see that some people have flourishing displays of California poppies, also planted by us after being inspired by the efforts of others. We always have good early foliage, ornamental in itself, but not always much in the way of actual flowers. We shall see. The old-fashioned tall alliums that used to be in every old yard and that consitute such a handsome backdrop for flowers of all kinds are now past their peak. The shorter ones have not bloomed yet.


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