Saturday, April 12, 2008

Floral bounty

Here's what we're seeing now: super-tall dark-blue delphiniums, lots and lots of firewheels, Drummond phlox, lots of ranunculous (predominantly shades of yellow now), a resurgence of red and blue St. Brigid anemones, the shorter variety of alliums, milkweed of both colors blooming while the leaves are being consumed (mostly by parsleyworms), nasturtiums in pots, cyclamens in pots, our dollar clematis, lantanas, stock, blue spiderworts, sweet peas and garden peas, poppies of several varieties (reseeded corn poppies, American Legion and Angel Wing Shirley poppies), bachelor buttons in several colors, one Johnny jump-up, pink oxalis, black-eyed Susans, gazanias, pinks, tomato plants, and chile plants. The hollyhock keeps going upward and more buds appear each day. The color's unknown, but flowers do appear to be on the way.


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