Sunday, May 11, 2008

New uniform needed

All the old ones still exist, because I never (well; hardly ever) wear anything out. So there are strata of styles, but the basic idea remains the same. I can wear something less formal and more unconventional. I demand linen or cotton. I don't mind wearing these in the winter and they are a must for the summer. There must be a steady supply of wardrobe items; the manufacturers and vendors must remain in business. Ideally, I would find the perfect garment of each type and then be able to track down someone able to reproduce it in fabrics that I choose. I'm on several quests right now, and this one is far down on the list, but someday things will wear out and someday the things that are supposed to return to being in style but never do will become too ridiculous to be seen in anywhere but at a masquerade party.


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