Saturday, December 06, 2008

Missed this news

Archway, the cheap cookie people, went bankrupt in October. The Lance snack people bought the Archway cookie brand, and Kellogg's bought the Mother's cookie brand, or at least the recipes. Mother's is the brand seen in airports and bus stations that is almost inedible, and similar to the Otis Spunkmeyer stuff, which is equally inedible. Archway, on the other hand, always just made plain, not fancy, cookies. Maybe it's just something about a lot of fake vanilla. Archway made those windmill cookies, which once tasted good, but declined in the same way that Lorna Doone cookies did, abandoning the old, honest recipes. Now, the closest to the old Lorna Doone is the Pepperidge Farm shortbread cookie, still made with butter, but not as easily found as the Milano. (I did not overlook the news of the bankruptcy of Royal Worcester / Spode. I love the old Royal Worcester Delecta pattern and many, many of the older Spoke patterns.)


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