Wednesday, January 14, 2009

August 1982 to unknown date books read

There came a time when I stopped noting the date that I finished reading a book. August 3 was the last date noted. I didn't carry on much longer than that with the record contained in this recently unearthed composition book. Here are all the remaining listings:

Lucian Truscott IV: Dress Gray
Cedric Hardwicke: A Victorian in Orbit
Rudolf Bing: 5000 Nights at the Opera
Ann Combs: Smith College Never Taught Me to Salute
Gerald Moore: Am I Playing Too Loud?
Bryan Forbes: Dame Edith Evans, Ned's Girl
Bernice Rubens: I Sent a Letter to My Love
Calvin Trillin: Floater
Gerald Moore: Farewell Recital
Lloyd Sumner: The Long Ride
Bamber Gascoigne: The Heyday
Robert Louis Stevenson: The Master of Ballantrae
Shelby Hearon: Painted Dresses
Rosamond Lehmann: Invitation to the Waltz
Margaret Kennedy: The Ladies of Lyndon
Elizabeth Taylor: In a Summer Season
Max Apple: The Oranging of America and Other Stories
Anne Roiphe: Long Division
Elizabeth Taylor: Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont
Shelby Heargon: Now and Another Time
Elizabeth Taylor: The Wedding Group
Christopher Lloyd: The Well-Tempered Garden
Mario Praz: The House of Life
Elizabeth Taylor: The Sleeping Beauty
George Reedy: Lyndon B. Johnson: A Memoir
Natalie Babbitt: Goody Hall
Elizabeth Taylor: Blaming
Robb Forman Dew: Dale Loves Sophie to Death
Carobeth Laird: Encounter with an Angry God
Stefan Muthesius: The English Terraced House
Stephen Dobyns: Dancer with One Leg
J.I.M. Stewart The Gaudy
J.I.M. Stewart: Young Pattullo
Shelby Hearon: Afternoon of a Fawn
Louise Brooks: Lulu in Hollywood
Mary Robison: Days
J.I.M. Stewart: A Use of Riches
Honore de Balzac: A murky Business
Honore de Balzac: The Wild Ass's Skin
Anne La Bastille: Woodswoman
Anthony Powell: The Strangers All Are Gone
John Mortimer: Clinging to the Wreckage
William Kennedy: Legs
William Kennedy: Billy Phelan's Greatest Game
William Kennedy: Ironweed
William Kennedy: O Albany
Robertson Davies: Tempest-Tost
Robertson Davies: Leaven of Malice
Robertson Davies: A Mixture of Frailties
John Williams: Augustus
Angus Wilson: The Middle Age of Mrs. Eliot
Rosellen Brown: Tender Mercies
David Lodge: Changing Places
Robertson Davies: The Rebel Angels
Rosamond Lehman: A Note in Music
Emily Eden: The Semi-Attached Couple
Emily Eden: The Semi-Detached House
Rebecca West: Harriet Hume
F. Tennyson Jess: The Lacquer Lady
Margaret Kennedy: Together and Apart
Ada Leverson: The Little Ottleys (including Love's Shadow, Tenterhooks, and Love at Second Sight)
May Sinclair: Mary Olivier: A Life
Ford Madox Ford: The Good Soldier
Olivia Manning: The Balkan Trilogy
Olivia Manning: The Levant Trilogy
Willa Cather: My Mortal Enemy
D. H. Lawrence: Sons and Lovers
M. V. Hughes: A London Child of the 1870s
M. V. Hughes: A London Girl of the 1880s
M. V. Hughes: A London Home in the 1890s
Barbara Comyns: The Vet's Daughter
Robert Graves: Count Belisarious
Robert Graves: Homer's Daughter
Margery Sharp: The Nutmeg Tree
Margery Sharp: Cluny Brown
Margery Sharp: The Sun in Scorpio
Suzanne Gordon: Off Balance: The Real World of Ballet
Patricia Roberts: Tender Prey
Winthrop Knowlton: Fake Premises
E. F. Benson: Queen Lucia
E. F. Benson: Lucia in London
E. F. Benson: Miss Mapp
E. F. Benson: Mapp and Lucia
E. F. Benson: The Worshipful Lucia
E. F. Benson: Trouble for Lucia
Nora Ephron: Heartburn
Henry James: What Maisie Knew
Alice McDermott: A Bigamist's Daughter
Elizabeth Bowen: Death of the Heart
A. C. Greene: Fifty Best Books about Texas
Barbara Pym: Some Tame Gazelle
William A. Owens: Tell Me a Story, Sing Me a Song
J.I.M. Stewart: Full Term
J.I.M. Stewart: The Madonna of the Astrolabe
Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Steven Izenour: Learning from Las Vegas
P. M. Hubbard: A Hive of Glass
P. M. Hubbard: The Quiet River
Paul Horgan: Everything to Live For
Paul Horgan: The Thin Mountain Air
Paul Horgan: Main Line West
Paul Horgan: Far from Cibola
Paul Horgan: The Common Heart
Stephen Harrigan: Aransas
Margaret Laurence: A Jest of God
Alice Monro: The Beggar Maid: Stories of Flora and Rose
Beverly Lowry: Daddy's Girl
Joan Chase: In the Reign of the Queen of Persia
J.I.M. Stewart: A Palace of Art
A.J.P. Taylor: A Personal History
T. R. Fehrenbach: Seven Keys to Texas
Paul Horgan: Mexico Bay
John Graves: From a Limestone Ledge
A. C. Greene: A Personal Country
Sigrid Undset: Kristin Lavransdatter (volumes I-III)
Margaret Laurence: The Fire Dweller
Noel Perrin: Third Person Rural
Gary Stewart: The Tenth Virgin
Kate Wilhelm: Fault Lines
Sheila Ballantyne: Imaginary Crimes
Michael M. Thomas: Someone Else's Money
Edwin Shrake: Peter Arbiter
Thornton Wilder: Heaven's My Destinatino
John Krich: Music in Every Room
Bernice Rubens: Sunday Best
A. C. Greene: Dallas U.S.A.
John Sayles: Pride of the Bimbos
David Plante: The Family
David Plante: The Woods
David Plante: The Country
Ann Tyler: Earthly Possessions
The Lisle Letters: ed., Muriel St. Clair Byrne and Bridget Boland)
Anita Brooker: Providence
James Wilcox: Modern Baptists
Umberto Eco: In the Name of the Rose
Anthony Trollope: The Small House at Allington
Shelby Hearon: The Second Dune
Ursula Perrin: Old Devotions
Reeve Lindbergh Brown: Moving to the Country
Michael Malone: Dingley Falls
Anita Brookner: Look at Me
Pamela Hansford Johnson: The Survival of the Fittest
Winston M. Estes: Another Part of the House
Winston M. Estes: A Simple Act of Kindness
Mordecai Richler: Home Sweet Home
Shelby Hearon: Group Therapy
McDonald Harris: The Treasure of Sainte Foy
Mark Girouard: Robert Smythson and the Elizabethan Country House
William Kotzwinkle: Queen of Swords
Susanna Moore: My Old Sweetheart
May Sarton: At Seventy
Fay Weldon: The Life and Loves of a She-Devil
Stephen Harrington: Jacob's Well
M. R. Montgomery: In Search of L. L. Ban
Alice Adams: Superior Women
Elizabeth Jenkins: The Tortoise and the Hare
Sheila Kaye-Smith: Joanna Godden
Virginia Woolf: To the Lighthouse
Henry James: The Tragic Muse
Frederick Barthelme: Second Marriage
John Updike: The Witches of Eastwick
Robb Forman Dew: The Time of Her Life
Leonard Woolf: The Wise Virgins
Louis Auchincloss: The Book Class
Laurie Colwin: Family Happiness
Judith Shklar: Ordinary Vices
A. C. Greene: The Highland Park Woman
Rosellen Brown: Civil Wars
Eudora Welty: One Writer's Beginnings
Peter Dickinson: Hindsight
Stephen Greenleaf: Fatal Obsession
William Humphrey: Farther Off From Heaven
Bryher: The Days of Mars: A Memoir 1940-1946
Elizabeth Tallent: In Constant Flight
Anita Brookner: Hotel du Lac
Gail Godwin: The Finishing School
ed. Patrick Bennett: Talking with Texas Writers
Eleanor Clark: Eyes, Etc.
Elizabeth Taylor: Angel
Larry McMurtry: All My Friends Are Gong to Be Strangers
Elizabeth Spencer: The Salt Line
Harrett Doerr: Stones for Ibarra
Elizabeth Taylor: The Soul of Kindness
Andrea Lee: Sarah Phillips
Alison Lurie: Foreign affairs
Wright Morris: A Cloak of Light
Alfred Duggan: Family Favorites
Santha Rama Rau: Homne to India
Bill Brandt: London in the Thirties
Lawrence Grow and Dina Van Zweck: American Victorian
Maureen Freely: The Life of the Party
Ronald Fraswer: In Search of a Past: The Rearing of an English Gentleman
Santha Rama Rao: Gifts of Passage
Hallam Tennyson: The Haunted Mind
Madge Piercy: Small Changes
Susan Cheever: Looking for Work
Anita Desai: In Custody
Paul Theroux: The Mosquito Coast
Patricia Highsmith: The Tremor of Forgery
Janet Kauffman: Places in the World a Woman Could Walk
Caryl Rivers: Virgins
Larry McMurtry: Cadillac Jack
Edward Rivera: Family Installments
Bartholomew Gill: McGarr at the Dublin Horse Show
Velda Johnston: The Other Karen
William G. Tapply: The Dutch Blue Error
Anita Brookner: The Debut
Elizabeth Tallent: Museum Pieces
Elizabeth Benedict: Slow Dancing
Mel Tillis: Stutterin' Boy
Brad Leithauser: Equal Distance
Alan Riding: Distant Neighbord: A Portrait of the Mexicans
ed. Edwin Tribble: A Chime of Words: The Letters of Logan Piersall Smith
Ruth Rendell: Tree of Hands
Alice Adams: Rich Rewards
Maggie Brooks: Loose Connections
John Sherwood: Green Trigger Fingers
Eric Wright: The Night the Gods Smiles
Bret Easton Ellis: Less Than Zero
Donald Davie: These the Companions
Rebecca West: This Real Night
Michael Delving: No Sign of Life
Eric Newby: Slowly Down the Ganges
Michael Delving: Die Like a Man
Roy Lewis: A Gathering of Ghosts
Roy Lewis: Most Cunning Workmen
Bettina Hurliman: Seven Houses: My Life with Books
Craig Claiborne: A Feast Made for Laughter: A Memoir with Recipes
Redmond O'Hanlon: Into the Heart of Borneo
Catherine Heath: Behaving Badley
ancelica Garnett: Deceived with Kindness: A Bloomsbury Childhood
Amy Hempel: Reasons to Live
Edward Weeks: Writers and Friends
Magdalen Nabb: Death of a Dutchman
A.J.P. Taylor: An Old Man's Diary
Ann Beattie: Love Always
Vera Brittain: Testament of Friendship
Celia Fremlin: The Spider Orchid
Michael Delving: Smiling the Boy Fell Dead / The Devil Finds Work
Louis Auchincloss: The Cark Lady / The Country Cousin
Penny Sparke: Ettore Sottsass
Varian Page: Furnitur Designs by Architects
ed. Maria del Carmen Millan: Antologia de Cuentos Mexicanos
Eric Wright: Smoke Detector
Doris Grumback: The Missing Person
May Sinclair: The Three Sisters
Simon Troy: Cease upon the Midnight
Don Flynn: Murder on the Hudson
Ellen Gilchrist: The Annunciation
Patrick Marnham: So Far from God: A Journey to Central America
Stephen Brook: Honkytonk Gelato: Travels Through Texas
Larry L. King: Warning: Writer at Work
Dorothy Allred Solomon: In My Father's House
Jane Gardam: After the Funeral
Robertson Davies: What's Bred in the Bone
Carolyn Osborn: The Fields of Memory
Janet Frame: An Angel at my Table
Penelope Lively: Treasure of Time
Penelope Lively: Next to Nature, Art
Eric Wright: Death in the Old Country
Anne Tyler: The Accidental Tourist
T. S. Matthews: Angels Unawares: 20th Century Portraits
Louis Auchincloss: An Honorable Man
Doris Grumbach: The Spoil of the Flowers
A. S. Byatt: Still Life
David Black: Murder at the Met
Joe Flaherty: Tin Wife
Don DeLillo: White Noise
Janet Frame: To the Island
Jane Gardam: Pineapple Bay Hotel
Janet Burroway: Opening Nights
A. R. Gurney, Jr.: The Snow Ball
Arthur Upfield: The Widows of Broome
Stanley Ellin: Very Old Money
Mel Arrighi: Manhattan Gothic
Stanley Ellin: The Valenine Estate
Barbara Savage: Notes from Nowhere
George Eliot: The Lifted Veil
Catherine Carswell: Open the Door
Mary Cholmondeley: Red Pottage
Laura Talbot:The Gentlewomen
Jane and Mary Findlater: Crossriggs
Mrs. Humphrey Ward: Marcella
Mrs. Oliphant: Hester
Vita Sackville-West: All Passion Spent
Liza Dalby: Geisha
Elizabeth Taylor: The Wedding Group
Elizabeth Taylor: A Game of Hide and Seek
Margaret Kennedy: Troy Chimneys
E. H. Young: The Misses Mallett
E. H. Young: Jenny Wren
E. H. Young: The Curate's Wife
Elizabeth Taylor: The Devastating Boys
Michael Z. Lewin: Out of Season
Paul Pines: The Tin Angel
Virginia Woolf: To the Lighthouse
Henry James: Tye Tragic Muse
Charles Dickens: Hard Times
E. M. Forster: A Passage to India
Henry James: Watch and Ward
Jane Austen: Persuasion
John Knowles: The Private Life of Axie Reed
Bartholomew Gill: McGarr and the Legacy of a Woman Scorned
June Drummond: The People in Glass House
Michael Z. Lewin: Ask the Right Question
Wm. Krasner: Death of a Minor Poet
Boris Goldovsky: Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen
Haughton Murphy: Murder for Lunch
Aaron Appel: Time after Time
Rachel Bilington: The Garish Day
Quentin Belol: The Brandon Papers
Anita Brookner: Family and Friends
Domini Taylor: Mother Love
Agatha Christie: Peligro Inminente
Gene Thompson: Murder Mystery
Russell Banks: Success Stories
Marty Breasted: I Shouldn't Be Telling You This
Anne Bernays: The Address Book
John Mortimer: Paradise Postpones
Jonathan Raban: Foreign Land
Charles Jencks: Kinds of Infinte Space: Frank Lloyd Wright and Michael Graves

This run is unusual in that I recorded at least some mysteries read, which I usually did not bother to do. I think that there are a lot of Virago editions here (all those Edwardian and late-Victorian woman writers). I plan to continue with recording books read by month. I think I can find another journal around here, one kept earlier than this one, which seems to end sometime in the very early 'Eighties. It appears that I had begun to work on Spanish by reading Agatha Christie books side by side. Some Spanish translations of these were very simple and others were not. If I fool around more with GoodReads, maybe I'll post these lists up there. During this period, I was re-reading nineteenth-century classics, plus a lot of literary and theatrical memoirs.


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