Monday, January 12, 2009

January 1981 books read

I remember all of these, and the Katharine S. White book is one that I own:

Van Wyck Brooks: Scenes and Portraits
Van Wyck Brooks: Days of the Phoenix
Van Wyck Brooks: From the Shadow of the Mountain
Dervla Murphy: Full Tilt: Ireland to India on a Bicycle
Katharine S. White: Onward and Upward in the Gaden
Elizabeth Heyert: The Glass House Years: Victorian Portrait Photography 1839-1870
Charles Jencks: Bizarre Architecture

The library has apparently de-accessioneed the Dervla Murphy book, one of the most popular of her many pleasant travel books. Eight of her books are still in the Austin Public Library on-line catalogue, although one is marked as missing.


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