Monday, January 05, 2009

January 1976 books read

In some cases, these are books read not for the first time:

Robert Louis Stevenson: Weir of Hermiston
Robert Louis Stevenson: The Misadventures of John Nicholson
Robert Louis Stevenson: The Story of a Lie
Robert Louis Stevenson: The Body Snatcher
Susan Ferrier: Marriage (1818)
Susan Ferrier: The Inheritance (1824)
Susan Ferrier: Destiny (1831)
Leigh Hunt: Autobiography (1815)
Leonard Woolf: Sowing
Leonard Woolf: Growing
Leonard Woolf: Beginning Again
Leonard Woolf: Downhill All the Way
Constance Holme: Crump Folk Going Home (1913)
George Gissing: The House of Cobwebs (1906)
Constance Holme: The Old Road from Spain (1916)
Constance Holme: Beautiful End (1918)
Constance Holme: The Trumpet in the Dust (1921)
Evelyn Waugh: A Little Learning (1964)

The Virago paperback editions may have been available at this time. How did I find so much time to read? There was even more in February that year.


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