Sunday, December 07, 2008


I've now read three reviews of this book, and soon I must read the book itself: Scrapbooks: An American History (by Jessica Helfand, Yale University Press). It's certainly fun talking to people about their scrapbooks, and I don't mean the modern,very intentional, sort of make-work projects; I'm talking about young people. My scrapbook had large, manila-paper pages and had been started by someone else, probably just before or during World War II, somebody who had used just a couple of pages. What I can remember that went into mine were the Saturday Evening Post covers by Norman Rockwell of Ike and Adlai. I also cut out those Texaco Fire Chief ads with all the Dalmatians. I also liked those waxy batik-y ads that appeared in Holiday or National Geographic or both, read in another household and cut up with permission; they were like travel posters only they promoted, I think, American Express, although I'm not sure. Straight Arrow cards weren't pasted in; extra ones were traded. I'd like to see that old scrapbook, or at least remember more about it. The library has four copies of this book (central, Manchaca, Spicewood Springs, and Oak Hill).


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