Saturday, December 13, 2008

Surprises in the pleasure grounds

We found pink cosmos flowers back toward the compost bin. The plants were quite dwarfed and the flowers were quite small, but s lovely surprise. I've been raking pecan and other leaves with my hands; some places are just too delicate not to be cleaned out practically leaf by leaf. There's too much on the way, and there are no good record-keepers in this establishment. In addition to the anemone and ranunculus evidence appearing everywhere, there are some leaves of species tulips. Other appearances are of Dutch iris, self-sown nasturtium and asclepias (sometimes where there's not really any dirt), various narcissi and the like, and many items that remain mysterious. The asclepias flowers are very bright against these silver skies, and so are the tithonia and the few zinnia flowers. Flowers of the hyacinth bean are of all shades, and pods are still being produced. The pink shamrocks are flowering everywhere, but soon they will find it too cold. Potted geraniums and cyclamens are doing fine.


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