Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two names not seen much these days

Books of short essays make for good reading when the APD helicopter buzzes and house and spoils sleep, so that's what's been borrowed at the library. The books should be of mild interest and not so enthralling that they preclude dropping off again. In one recent book, there was mention of Liberty Hyde Bailey; in another, Donald Culross Peattie appeared in the bibliography. The foregoing links to Wikipedia entries are very barebones. Books by both these men were on libary ahd home shelves; are any in print these days? I don't own anything by either, as it happens, but I bet I know people who do. I see that some of their books are being reprinted, includling a Liberty Hyde Bailey book by Kessenger Publishing, the same outfit that's keeping Yellow Butterflies (q.v.) in print.


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