Friday, February 06, 2009

February 1979 books read

Hayes C. Schlundt: Living Easy in Mexico
Elizabeth Bowen: The House in Paris
Robert Bemen: Tales from the Blue Stacks
Rudyard Kipling: Short Stories, volume 1 (Penguin)
John Cheever: The World of Apples
Anthony B. C. Wallace: Rockdale: The Growth of an American Village in the Industrial Revolution
Edmund Wilson: Letters on Literature and Politics 1912-1972
W. H. Auden: A Certain World: A Commonplace Book
Helen Bevington: Along Came a Witch
Charles Simmons: Wrinkles
William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar
Cyril Connolly: The Rock Pile
Daphne du Maurier: Myself When Young
Conrad Richter: The Rawhide Knot and Other Stories
Cyril Connolly: Previous Convictions
Elizabeth Drew: The Literature of Gossip: Nine English Letterwriters
V. S. Pritchett: Selected Stories
May Sarton: The House by the Sea
Cynthia Griffin Wolff: A Forest of Words: The Triumph of Edith Wharton
Thomas Gittings: Thomas Hardy's Later Years
William Shakespeare: As You Like It
Peter Lauritzen: Venice: A Thousand Years of Culture and Civilization

I wonder why Shakespeare was on this list (as with mysteries, plays and poetry weren't usually put on it) and I also wonder why I was reading these particular plays.


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