Monday, April 06, 2009

April 1979 books read

Pierre-Jakez Helias: The Horse of Pride: Life in a Breton Village
Charles E. Clark: Maine: A Bicentennial History
William Shakespeare: Measure for Measure
H. E. Bates: The Vanished World
Ivan Doig: This House of Sky
Elizabeth Coatsworth: Personal Geography
George Gordon, Lord Byron: Letters and Journals: Alas the Love of Women 1813-1814
Gwyn Williams: The Land Remembers: A View of Wales
Frances Partridge: A Pacifists's War
K. M. Elisabeth Murray: Caught in the Web of Words: James A. H. Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary
ed. U. C. Knoepflmacher and G. B. Tennyson: Nature and the Victorian Imagination
William Shakespeare: Henry the Eighth
Elizabeth Bowen: A World of Love
Elizabeth Bowen: The Little Girls
Ivan Turgenev: First Love

Except for the Shakespeare and the Bowens, all these books were borrowed from the Austin Public Library. How the library has changed! Now, there are a few books about books, but seldom the books themselves. De-accessioning has taken a massive toll.


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