Monday, May 04, 2009

May 1976 books read

Mrs. Oliphant: Miss Marjoribanks
Madama D'Arblay (Fanny Burney): Diary and Letters, volume 1, 1778-6/1781 (ed. Austin Dobson, 1904)
Virginia Woolf: The Death of the Moth and Other Essays
Mary Russell Mitford: Our Village
Rumer and Jon Godden: Two Under the Indian Sun
Dorothy Wadsworth: Journals of (Alfoxden 1798, Grasmere 1800-93)
Virginia Woolf: The Moment and Other Essays
Osbert Sitwell: Laughter in the Next Room
Osbert Sitwell: Noble Essences

If I'd just skipped the Sitwell and moved on to more of Fanny Burney, it would have been a month of female authors exclusively. But there's no account of what mysteries were read during this period, so there's no telling.


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